Management Team

InnovistaSensors CEO

David Arragon



InnovistaSensors Deputy CEO

Claude Maison

Deputy CEO
InnovistaSensors Finance

Ben Watt



Crouzet CEO

David Arragon

InnovistaSensors Asia

Jiang Zhai


Corporate and CSR News

bees honey sales
Apr 05, 2018

Second Successful Honey Sales on our Valence sites !

Second honey crop: we sold all of the 400 jars!

plastic caps
Mar 06, 2018

Plastic Bottle Tops to Help Disabled People and the Planet from Valence

Preserving the environment while helping improve the living conditions of disabled people.

winter collects
Feb 06, 2018

Two Collects in One for the Less Well-Off Organized on our Valence Sites

From January 22nd to 26th, employees got mobilized in favour of people in need.