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Electric alternatives

Environment Days: Hot Focus on Alternative Means of Transportation

Honey sold out

InnoVista Sensors Honey – All Sold Out!

First Honey Crop For InnoVista Sensors

Man-Made Forests to Fight Against Deforestation

Valence Administrative Offices: a Bioclimatic Building

Recycling benefits the Environment

Environment tips

Tip #1: Save Energy at Home

In 20 years, our electricity consumption has doubled. While certain electrically powered appliances are mere conveniences (air conditioning for instance), others are much harder to live without. Read more

Tip #2: Plastic Bags are not that Fantastic

Do you know that it takes 400 years for a plastic bag to decompose* when a  paper bag takes only 2 to 5 months? That’s unfortunately the reality…88% of sea surface was polluted by plastic garbage**. Read more

Tip #3: Become an Eco-Citizen in your Office

With an average of 15km from home to work and a total 6600km yearly haul to go to work, we are individually responsible for the emission of about 1.4 tonnes of CO2. Read more

Tip #4: Ecodrive!

Ecodriving means smarter and more fuel-efficient driving Read more

Tip #5: Clean your inmail box!

New practices such as emailing, social media, web searches contribute to increasing exchanges and sharing information quicker. But they are energy-consuming equipments. Read more

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