Management Team

InnovistaSensors CEO

David Arragon



InnovistaSensors Deputy CEO

Claude Maison

Deputy CEO
InnovistaSensors Finance

Ben Watt



Crouzet CEO

David Arragon

InnovistaSensors Asia

Jiang Zhai


Corporate and CSR News

Crouzet football contest
Jul 25, 2019

Valence - Intense and friendly competition

For this 21st edition of our annual, competitors were just as motivated as ever and ready to win the game.

Water plastic pollution
May 16, 2019

Chinese locations declare war on plastics!

Instead of cleaning up nature when the damage has already been done, they chose to take proactive actions.

Jun 19, 2019

Valence : Helping the Young to find a Job.

Crouzet is working hand in hand with O’NET and the Job Platform to train these future employees.

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