Management Team

InnovistaSensors CEO

David Arragon



InnovistaSensors Deputy CEO

Claude Maison

Deputy CEO
InnovistaSensors Finance

Ben Watt



Crouzet CEO

David Arragon

InnovistaSensors Asia

Jiang Zhai


Corporate and CSR News

plastic tops
Mar 21, 2019

Solidarity and Sustainability: Valence Sites Collecting Bottle Tops

For 3 years, our employees on our Valence sites have been committed to collecting their plastic tops and acting to improve their environment with a small daily action.

CSr Crouzet offers a second life to PCs
Jan 08, 2019

An IT raffle to the profit of EmmaĆ¼s Connect in Valence

When time comes for PCs to retire, they still can work a few years more.

Crouzet CSR Zero Plastic
Feb 21, 2019

French locations committed to reducing plastic consumption.

Zero Plastic! That was the name given to the action launched on Crouzet French locations.