Our Markets



InnoVista Sensors™ is actively involved in major Aerospace and Defense programs worldwide, working with leading manufacturers such as Antonov, Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault Aviation, Embraer and Eurocopter. InnoVista Sensors™ provides a comprehensive high quality range of Detection & Position Sensors, Electrical Protection and Distribution and Cockpit Equipment with Crouzet.  


Transportation is a highly demanding market. Just-in-time deliveries, diversity of vehicles and models, productivity, cost optimization and quality are just some of the challenges operators face. At the same time, on-board equipment must be designed to resist shock, vibration, water and dust. InnoVista Sensors™ specialist in designing and manufacturing sensing, control and motion products offers an extensive range of products that meet the technical and cost requirements of each individual customer for a wide scope of transportation related applications.  
Industry & building equipment

Industry & Building equipments

InnoVista Sensors™ with its brand Crouzet, propose an extensive range of robust and highly reliable products that meet all the necessary approvals to be easily integrated into a wide range of industrial applications such as plastic injection and extrusion machines, industrial valves and pumps, packaging machines, compressors, hydraulic systems, industrial ovens and furnaces, materials handling equipment, motors and drives.  
Dentist equipment

Medical devices

In the medical sector, products must offer superior accuracy, quality, reliability, easy maintenance and silent operation to ensure the well-being and safety of patients as well as reduce the risk of accidents. Integrated into a wide scope of medical devices worldwide, InnoVista Sensors™ designs, manufactures and supplies an extensive range of motors and actuators, controllers for many critical, life saving functions through its brand Crouzet.Typical Applications.  
Energy & infrastructure

Energy & Infrastructure

The specialist in snap-action technologies
Oil and gas, mining, steel, nuclear and renewable energies such as solar trackers and wind industries require efficient and safe solutions to minimize risk while ensuring productivity and planet preservation. InnoVista Sensors™, with its brand Crouzet is well positioned to offer customizable, reliable and innovative components answering to the requirements of these highly demanding markets.